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The easiest way to get support from Kylee is to join The Flight Collective! You'll receive instant access to an app where you can:

  • Ask a sports dietitian your questions to customize your fueling plan

  • Attend monthly expert-led masterclasses on sports nutrition topics 

  • Access a library of recorded sports nutrition masterclasses (that can be listened to like a podcast)

  • Weekly challenges to hold you accountable 

  • A monthly sports nutrition recipe booklet with new recipes to help you fuel up 

  • A chat to connect with other endurance athletes to geek out on gear, races, training and more

Being part of the membership is like having a sports dietitian and a community of athletes who get you in your pocket! 


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What Members Are Saying

“Kylee offers amazing advice and support with her weekly challenges, recipes, and how she honestly answers all of our questions. 

We have talked about everything from what our favorite drinks and fuels are and how we change them for different training and events to how we fit different macros into our daily meals.”


The membership has helped me “To push through harder days, to reassure that I am on the right path. To discuss what works and what to skip, to learn about different approaches, test new strategies (whether its a meal plan, a snack sheet on the fridge or a `did I get my protein`reminder on my phone) and try new recipes! 

It’s my happy place!”


“If you are looking for a supportive community where you can get your nutrition questions answered along with so much more, I can't recommend The Flight Collective enough.”


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By comparison, one month of 1:1 coaching starts at $399/mo, and in the membership you still receive access to ask me all of your questions!