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a sports nutrition plan  helps your body execute your training & race day plan better

Dive into the endurance nutrition topics of your choice in on-demand classes hosted by a sports dietitian. Each class is designed to help you fuel up to perform better.

on-demand sports nutrition classes


Get instant access to a private app where you can get your questions answered by a sports dietitian, and participate in expert-led convos about sports nutrition.

sports nutrition membership


Sign up for 3 months of working with a sports dietitian who will build a performance nutrition coaching program just for you. Made for runners, cyclists, skiers, and other endurance athletes.

sports nutrition coaching


Ways a sports dietitian can help you fuel your training like a pro


my Athletes see results

Corrine G.

"Fuel for performance" not only became a mantra but also served as a frame for me to understand how to meal prep and how to track caloric balance for performing at my best! 

Working with Kylee was such a game changer!

Trish H.

"I just want to thank FlyNutrition (times infinity) for all of your time, energy, and expertise. I had the physically strongest training block of my life. Mentally strongest as well. For the first time since I was a teen my body is getting the right about of fuel and I'm seeing what it can do when that is the case! Thank you!

Sam B.

I've been working with FlyNutrition to dial in my nutrition during training and racing. FlyNutrition helped me with a race fueling plan that helped me nail a recent 70.3 PR.

I couldn't have had the success in racing that I've had without FlyNutrition!

I've created 5 recipes for you that are perfect for fueling with whole foods instead of gels:

  • Banana Date Fuel Recipe
  • Banana Sweet Potato Fuel Recipe
  • Maple Apple Cinnamon Fuel Recipe
  • Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Fuel Recipe
  • Pina Colada Fuel Recipe

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